On this episode of Beyond Technology: The Experience Podcast brought to you by Acrelec, Clément Pévrier, head of digital projects for Udvise, joined Tyler Kern for a discussion focused on Udvise, founded by Acrelec to be the expert agency in digital solutions for the QSR industry.

Ordering Kiosk’s were a main focus of the discussion. Pévrier stressed the importance of both the hardware and software aspects of the Kiosk. The customer experience with the kiosk is paramount, and the data derived from those orders, is important for Udvise to develop strategies, solutions, and future product enhancements to make the experience even better.

Pévrier described his journey in the QSR industry where he started out as a McDonald’s restaurant crew member in France, worked his way up to store manager, and involved himself in other retail ventures throughout the years. Pévrier’s inside knowledge on the pain points for both sides of the QSR house, customers and servers, provided him with key insights and learnings he has been able to take with him to Udvise to develop technology solutions to make those experiences better.

How people order today, whether it’s at a kiosk, the traditional counter, or by smartphone, are all considerations Pévrier and his team take into account when creating that customer journey. And Pévrier saw the changing behaviors of the customer as these new technologies came into play in the QSRs he worked in.

“The challenge of today,” Pévrier noted, “is to deliver services to the customer with simplicity, rapidity, and in a personified way.”